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Associate of Science Accounting Degree

Welcome to the Brookline College Associate of Science Degree Program in Accounting. Congratulations on your decision to increase your knowledge and grow your career in the world of business. At Brookline, we understand how important a solid foundation in accounting can be to your career in business. We have developed a business degree in accounting to reflect the accounting principles used within today’s businesses in order to assist you in beginning your career in the field of accounting.

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Today’s modern accounting agencies are requiring more in-depth knowledge and greater skill for their positions. Brookline College’s Associate of Science degree program is an extensive program that prepares students for entry-level positions and a rewarding career in accounting. Students will develop knowledge and skills in areas such as globalization, workplace diversity, principles of accounting, communication skills, and ethical behavior.

What will you learn at Brookline?

The Associate of Science Degree in Accounting is designed to provide students with a foundation in basic business concepts and theory, financial principals that drive productivity. For detailed program information, click here. Brookline’s degree is a combination of “core” classes that will give you a well-rounded general education with a highly tailored business and accounting curriculum to quickly move you toward graduation. This degree program includes courses in Accounting, Business Math, Payroll, Personal Income Tax and Business Law, among others. Click here to view our catalog.

Upon graduation, you will have the foundation to contribute to your employer in the areas of:

  • Primary Accounting Concepts and their Applications
  • General Business Principles
  • Payroll Calculations and Payroll Management
  • Business Finance
  • Critical Thinking & Decision Making
  • Business Law and,
  • Word processing & Spreadsheet application

Starting your Career!

Graduates of the Associate of Science Degree in Accounting program will be prepared for entry-level positions including payroll clerk, bookkeeper, business analyst and billing specialist. The fundamentals that you will learn within this program could provide you the needed foundation with which to grow your career or increase your opportunities for promotion. Additionally, our dedicated career services department, as well as our network in the local community, will ensure you receive every available opportunity to interview for and attain the right job to move your career forward with a degree in accounting.

As the economy improves, accountants will play a fundamental role in our nation’s growth and prosperity. More and more business and accounting savvy professionals will be needed to assist business and product lines in their growth. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a steady 15% growth rate* in employment between 2010 and 2020.


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