Medical Interpreter

40 hours, 5-weeks / $399 (textbook included)

Have you considered becoming a medical interpreter in Arizona? Brookline’s Spanish to English translation training in Arizona provides essential knowledge and skills necessary to perform medical interpretation. Specifically, our Spanish to English medical interpreter program presents vocabulary, grammatical structures, logistics of the profession and cultural information to help health care professionals understand and communicate with Spanish-speaking patients and clients.

Graduates who successfully complete the 40-hour Spanish language translation course in Tempe, Arizona, are eligible to sit for the Medical Interpreters certification examination from the Certification Commission for Health Care Interpreters.

During this course, students will be provided instruction on the following objectives:

  • The code of ethics of the medical interpreter
  • Strategies for ensuring good communication when interpreting
  • Core values of a medical interpreter
  • Confidentiality rules that apply for medical interpretation as well as the ability to communicate them to the patient
  • National standards of practice for medical interpreting
  • Proper etiquette during the health care encounter
  • Different modalities of Medical Interpreting
  • Health care terminology
  • Appropriate vocabulary related to conversation with patients
  • How the Provider, Patient and Interpreter interaction is affected by room dynamics
  • Idiomatic expressions that make language sound more natural
  • Strategies of communication during the patient encounter
  • Use of appropriate vocabulary, intonation, and words in order to formulate answers and questions
  • The importance of patient’s cultural values and beliefs in communication

If you’re interested in earning your medical interpreter certification and becoming a Spanish translator in Tempe, AZ, please contact us today at 800-717-5491 for more information about our program.