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Legal Studies Degree Programs

The Legal Studies programs at Brookline College can help prepare you for a number of entry-level positions within the legal system. If you are passionate about justice and the legal system, pursuing a legal studies diploma or degree may be the right choice for you.

Our legal courses can lay the groundwork for employment as a paralegal, in law enforcement, corrections, security and related areas of the criminal justice system. Browse our degree and diploma selections below, and request more information by filling out the form to the left of this page.

On-Campus Legal Studies Programs:

Bachelor of Science Degree – Criminal Justice

Associate of Science Degree – Criminal Justice

Associate of Science Degree – Paralegal Studies

Online Legal Studies Programs:

Associate of Science Degree – Paralegal Studies

We offer Bachelor’s degrees and Associate’s degrees in the Criminal Justice and Paralegal Studies fields.

You can choose to enroll in our online legal studies degree programs or enroll in our traditional on-campus programs, depending on which format works best with your schedule.

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Note: Not all legal degrees are offered at each location; applicants should check with Admissions for availability.


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