Career Services

We’re here to help you reach your goals…even after you graduate!
The programs at Brookline College are designed to prepare our graduates for entry-level employment and we want you to obtain the very best career opportunity available. As such, we’re dedicated to providing you the best career services possible and working with you to help you find a job in the field you’ve chosen.

A successful employment search requires a proactive approach and a dedicated effort by the graduate as well as the college. Brookline College will match your effort with continuous encouragement and with tangible support in following ways:

  • Providing assistance with resume writing
  • Offering training on Interviewing techniques
  • Identifying job openings
  • Sending resumes to employers
  • Scheduling interviews (on and off campus)
  • Conducting campus career fairs
  • Inviting employers as guest speakers

And while Brookline College makes no guarantee of employment or wages, rest assured that we will make every attempt to assist you in finding a job.

In addition, Brookline College provides continual placement assistance for all of its alumni, and career services are available to all graduates seeking assistance with resume writing, refreshing of interviewing skills, and conducting a job search.