Spring into Better Health: Brookline College Offering Free Screenings

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Brookline College will offer free health screenings at its Albuquerque, Phoenix, Tempe, and Tucson campuses on Wednesday March 22, 2017.

Author: Brookline College | Date: 3/19/2017

The screenings will be a part of a special community open house event that the campus is hosting. The event is free and open to the public. Included in the screening will be free blood pressure checks, and body mass index (BMI) assessments. The screenings will be conducted by faculty and staff of the college’s Nursing and Allied Health programs. The spring health fair takes places on Wednesday, March 22 from 10 a.m. -4 p.m.

The screenings are designed to give members of the community a free solution for basic screenings and strengthen Brookline’s strong ties in the community. This is a great way for us to bring value to our neighborhood and give residents a gauge on where they stand in regards to their basic health.

Brookline College is an accredited institution that has been providing career education for over 30 years and remains committed to preparing students academically and professionally to meet the constantly changing employment requirements of business, industry, public service organizations, and medical support agencies functioning in a highly advanced and expanding technological community.

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