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What classes will I take?

Here are just a few classes you will take during the Pharmacy Technician program:

  • Pharmacy Operations
  • Pharmacology
  • Body Systems
  • Pharmaceutical Calculations

What are typical class hours?

  • Morning Classes: Start at 8:00 am and end at 12:00 pm

  • Breaks are scheduled after 50 minutes of instruction and last for 10 minutes

  • Current students at our Phoenix campus enjoy convenient access to our cafe, which offers a full menu of breakfast and lunch options 5 days a week.

What Classes Will I Take?

Here are just a few of the classes you will take during the Pharmacy Technician Program:

Pharmacy Operations

Body Systems
Pharmaceutical Calculations

Program Outline


The Pharmacy Technician Program provides training for entry-level positions to effectively function in the role of a pharmacy technician in a hospital, pharmacy, pharmacy call center and other health care environments.

Brookline College prepares students in the Pharmacy Technician diploma program to take certification and/or licensure exams related to their program of study.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Pharmacy Technician diploma program, graduates will contribute to the areas of:

  • Define pharmacy and the role of the pharmacy in the healthcare system.
  • Describe the pharmacy formulary system.
  • Describe, apply and utilize computer applications in drug-use control.
  • Explain and demonstrate the receiving and processing of medication orders and understand the correct procedures for handling medications.
  • List and explain sources of drugs and drug nomenclature, the rights of medication administration as well as medication errors and ways of preventing them.
  • Compare and contrast routes of administration of drugs and list factors that affect the pharmacokinetic processes in patients.
  • Define biopharmaceuticals and discuss how they can impact the future of pharmacy and the practice of medicine.
  • Understand and utilize medical terminology and abbreviations related to pharmacy.
  • Identify and define apothecary symbols, perform basic math functions with complete accuracy then describe and apply systems of measurements.
  • Convert specific measurements between different systems of measure and correctly calculate drug dosages.
  • Understand and utilize the communication process by listing barriers to effective communication.
  • Describe the importance of customer service and good customer relations.
  • Process prescriptions and apply the basic procedures for dispensing the order and discuss pricing and reimbursement procedures.
  • Describe drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination by the body.
  • List diseases and abnormal conditions and evaluate pharmaceutical treatment for disorders of each body system.

Residential Program Requirements:

Program Concentration -31.5 Credits -720 Contact Hours Credit Hrs Lecture Hrs Lab Hrs Practicum
Module A Introduction to Healthcare 4 40 40 0
Module B Concepts in Healthcare 4 40 40 0
PT Module C Pharmacy Administration and Applications 4 40 40 0
PT Module D Pharmaceutical Calculations 4 40 40 0
PT Module E Pharmacy Operations 4 40 40 0
PT Module F Body Systems 4 40 40 0
PT Module G Pharmacology 4 40 40 0
PT Module H Pharmacy Practicum 3.5 0 0 160
TOTAL 31.5 280 280 160

Your education is a big investment and Brookline College believes no investment offers more potential. A new career can transform your life, and we’re here to help you make that happen.


  • At Brookline College there are no hidden costs. Our tuition includes books, supplies and all fees.
  • Tuition: Please call or click Request Info to determine your cost.
  • Program length: 39 weeks.

Paying For School

  • More than 88% of Brookline College students use some form of financial aid(3) to help cover the cost of their education.(4) That’s why we offer personalized counseling from a Student Finance Advisor to help make your college experience more affordable.
  • We have also provided The Net Price Calculator that will provide preliminary, non-binding estimates of federal, state, and institutional aid eligibility based on federal methodology.

(3) Student loans, grants and scholarships are available to those who qualify.

(4) Percentage calculated by Brookline College for the 2015-16 school year.

We want to be sure your career goals are in line with your selected program of study. Our admission process will help you understand our programs and the career expectations in the field.

Five Simple Steps:

  1. Visit the campus. See what Brookline and the Pharmacy Technician program is all about.
  2. Complete a Visitor Information Form.
  3. Complete a financial aid interview to develop a financial plan.
  4. Complete the Enrollment Agreement with an Admissions Representative to include collecting all necessary documentation.
  5. Meet with the Director of Education, or an appropriate Department Director to discuss any unusual enrollment circumstances or accommodations needed to successfully complete the program.

Once all requirements have been completed, the Director of Admissions, Director of Education, and Campus Director reviews the application for approval. Applicants are notified of their acceptance promptly.

Pharmacy technicians are vital to the healthcare process as they work hand-in-hand with licensed Pharmacists to help fill and dispense prescriptions, within the Technician’s scope of practice.

Our curriculum includes fully interactive test prep resources provided by either NHA or PTCB to help you build your skills and pass the certification exam with confidence. Upon completion of the Brookline Pharmacy Technician program, graduates will have the opportunity to pursue certification from the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. Brookline’s program prepares students to sit for:

  • The National Healthcareer Association ExCPT exam
  • The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board PTCE exam

Brookline College partners with the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) and the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) to provide you with an opportunity for professional certification.

  • Institutional Accreditation: Brookline College’s Phoenix, Tucson, Tempe, and Albuquerque campuses are accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

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Brookline College – Online

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The pure online program provides the same great learnings. Online students participate in a field-based externship. Brookline College will assist in providing access to an externship through our national partnership with Kroger Inc. or through a local pharmacy in your area. Students who live close to one of the campuses can take advantage of the campus libraries and on-site tutoring.

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