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GE Disclosures

The following GE Disclosures have been provided by Brookline College in accordance with the regulatory requirements put forth by the United States Department of Education. According to the United States Department of Education, the disclosure of information about a gainful employment program on the instituton’s Web site provides useful information to prospective students and their families. The intent is to enable students to make an informed choice about a gainful employment program by making the disclosures clear, timely, meaningful, and comparable. These disclosures will also allow students to make determinations about the amount of student indebtedness incurred by students who completed the gainful employment program, the average costs of attending the program, rates of normal completion time, and job placement rates.

Associate of Science – Accounting

Associate of Science – Business

Associate of Science – Criminal Justice

Associate of Science – Allied Health

Associate of Science – Health Care Administration

Associate of Science – Medical Laboratory Technician

Associate of Science – Paralegal Studies

Associate of Science – Physical Therapist Assistant

Bachelor of Science – Medical Laboratory Science

Bachelor of Science – Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Science – Health Care Administration

Bachelor of Science – Management

Bachelor of Science – Nursing

Bachelor of Science – Nursing Baccalaureate

Bachelor of Science – Nursing RN to BSN

Dental Assistant Diploma

Master of Science – Nursing

Master of Science – Nursing Health System Administration

Diploma – Medical Assistant

Diploma – Medical Insurance Billing & Coding

Diploma – Patient Care Technician

Diploma – Pharmacy Technician

Diploma – Phlebotomy Technician

Diploma – Surgical Technician

Diploma – Pharmacy Technician Online

Diploma – Dialysis Technician


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